The Apparition

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures


The apparition is based on an experiment known as the “Charles Experiment.”  A group of people performed an experiment in the 70’s where they all focused on a picture of a deceased colleague.  They believe that focusing all their energies together would have a better chance on trying to connect with the spirit.  The film opens with scenes from this experiment with the table moving and the people involved smiling at their success.

The film cuts to the present where a group of 4 college students attempt to recreate the experiment with modern technology.  The technology is meant to amplify their focus as if 400 people were in the room instead of just 4.  During the experiment something attacks the students and a girl named Lydia is pulled into a wall and disappears.

The film follows the main character of Kelly, played by Ashley Greene, and Ben (Sebastian Stan).  Kelly has moved into a remote subdivision owned by her mother.  The house is brand new, but her and Ben begin to experience strange occurrences.  As they try to make excuses for the things that have been happening to them, the events surrounding them become stranger and more frequent.  Ben has been keeping a secret from Kelly, and as it is revealed, the two of them along with Ben’s old friend from College try to reverse what has been done.  The original experiment had brought a spirit into our world, and attempts to control it have failed.  The three of them must try to send the spirit back where it came from before it is too late.

It is always strange to see Ashley Greene when she is not in a Twilight film.  As the character of Alice in Twilight, she has a short pixie cut.  In The Apparition she has long flowing hair with curls that makes her look even prettier.  When associated with such a large film like Twilight it is hard to branch out and be seen as anything other than those original characters.  I enjoyed Ashley Greene in this film and I look forward to seeing her in more films.  A similar situation occurs with Tom Felton, who plays Ben’s friend Patrick.  Tom Felton is better known as Draco Melfoy in the Harry Potter films.  Felton’s character appears briefly at the beginning and then again towards the end of the film.  Unfortunately for Tom, I still think of him as Draco. 

This film only furthers my belief that you do not mess with ghosts or spirits.  By drawing attention to such things you are just asking for trouble.  I personally don’t think it is cool or funny, it is bad karma and something that should be avoided.  I think the film could have had something going for it, until it created large mold spots and spores to represent this evil spirit.  As gross as mold and spores are, it is just a strange interpretation of negative spirits.  There is also a scene that portrays a female spirit that reminds us too much of the film The Grudge, or even The Ring. 

I do not recommend that you see this movie.  Anything that it had going for it (Ashley Greene and partial points to the beginning plot) are pretty much outweighed by the rest of the film. 



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