Picture Courtesy of TriStar Pictures and Alliance Films

Picture Courtesy of TriStar Pictures and Alliance Films


Looper is a sci fi futuristic film about time travel.  Although time travel is created in 2074 it is immediately outlawed.  In the future tracking has made it impossible for mobsters to be able to get rid of someone secretly.  Because of this the mobsters have started to use time travel and are the main users.  They send their victims into the past of 2044, where they are met by a Looper.  A looper is someone from the present of 2044 who kills people from 2074 for silver.  The body which technically does not exist yet, is then disposed of and the Looper gives a portion of the silver back to the mob.  When the future mobsters no longer need the looper, their future self is sent back to them, where the Looper must kill them self.  Strapped to the future self’s back is gold instead of silver.  This is for them to retire and enjoy life, but they only get 30 years to do so.  Once your time is up, you are sent back to be killed.  This is called closing the loop.

The main character in the film is Joe, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the present, and his future self is played by Bruce Willis.  The film also stars Emily Blunt.  I actually like all of these main actors/actress.  For Gordon-Levitt’s role, he actually has facial prosthetics to make him look more like Bruce Willis.  I knew it was Gordon-Levitt in the role, but I still had to look it up because he looked so different.  I’d glad he is appearing in more films ever since Inception, because he is a really great actor, and does an excellent job in Looper.  Willis is a vet in the film industry and adds that extra star power to this interesting sci fi.  I enjoy Emily Blunt in most movies I see, and she does not let me down in this one either.  She is a wonderful actress and fits into any role given to her.  Although Levitt takes 1st place for acting in this film, I think a very close 2nd is Cid (Pierce Gagnon), Blunt’s character Sara’s son.  Gagnon is only 7 years old and does an amazing job in his role.  If looks could kill, we would all be dead.

The concept for this film is actually really cool.  I knew I wanted to see it the moment I saw the preview.  At first the concept is a little hard to get use to, watching a movie set in the future along with an extra future set, going back into the past which is still the future.  Along with all the technicalities of time travel and death.  There are a couple negatives to the film that I would like to point out though.  I felt like the ending was rushed.  I almost expect there to be a second one because I was not satisfied with the way it ended.  I feel like there should be more to it and that I deserve it to be fully played out to my liking. Was I the only one to feel this way?  It would be like watching the Titanic movie on it’s VHS, but only having the first VHS and stopping before the ship has even sunk.  I give the movie props for all the positives and I do recommend that you see this movie.  I would be interested to know if others felt the same way about the ending.



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