The Dark Knight Rises

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


The hype began with the Dark Knight for obvious reasons.  I had not seen the film in theatres, but waited until it was out on video.  I seem to have followed the same path with this movie.  I think the difficulty with movies like these are the fact that they are nearly 3 hours in length.  I don’t like to leave the theatre for any reason during a movie.  If I have to go to the bathroom I will hold it.  If I am thirsty, I will be parched.  If I am hungry, I will starve.  The benefit to watching this movie after it was on video is being able to do these things.  I was able to eat, get snacks, go to the bathroom and take the dogs out while pausing the film.  Although I don’t care for pausing films either, but this is a better option than missing most of a film.

The Dark Knight Rises continues roughly 8 years after the Dark Knight.  Harvey Dent’s death has been ruled as murder by Batman, whom has been in hiding.  Bruce Wayne has become a feeble hermit and has forgotten the world around him.  There are those who have not forgotten about Batman, and without Batman it is time for them to rise from the shadows.  The Dark Knight Rises introduces us to two more Batman villains.  Catwomen, and Bane.  Catwomen is played by Anne Hathaway.  I was really interested to see how she did in the role.  It is impossible to beat the Michelle Phfiefer Catwomen, and unfortunately there is always that to live up to.  I enjoyed her character, she is rather timid at times, but kicks ass and takes control when needed.  I noticed that there was not a huge emphasis on her appearance though.  She wore very nice tailored outfits, always in black.  They constructed her eye mask in a way that when she flips a certain piece back over her head it creates the appearance of cat ears which I thought was pretty cute.  As for appearances, the focus was on Bane.  Bane has an interesting face mask that covers the back of his head and comes down to cover his mouth.  I was expecting his voice to be rather deep based on his appearance, and the mask made me think that it would come out as a Darth Vader type of sound.  I suppose Batman’s deep grumble was enough for the film, as Bane’s voice was rather high pitched and squeaky.  Bane is played by Tom Hardy.  And although the face mask does cover quite a bit, if you were to google Tom Hardy and Bane, they do not look remotely similar even though they are the same person.  It is a very rough sexual bad ass nature, very different from the disturbing but very well done Joker.

I never read any plot lines, watched many previews or listened to too many people talk about the film to spoil anything.  The story was all new to me and prefer it that way.  I wasn’t sure how the story was going to go at times and made my own predictions throughout.  Although the film was almost 3 hours long, I think they did a pretty good job.  There were a couple things throughout that could have been taken out to shorten the film.  They were there for emphasis, but at times a drag to the rest of the film. The film saw the addition of Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is stealthy climbing the ranks of being a top dog in the acting word.  He is a great actor, who is very versatile in his roles and not bad to look at either.  He is introduced to the Batman series as a police officer, and depending on if the films continue will be playing a larger role in the films.  This is a very tricky thing for them to do as it can go many ways.  They could continue and hope to keep the same success, or flounder.  I was also pleased to see that Morgan Freeman makes an appearance for awhile reprising his role.  He is a welcome addition to any movie, and especially the Batman films.  When Morgan comes out, so do the cool weapons and machines.

If your a fan of the Batman movies it is a must see, and you probably have already seen it.  If not I suggest you get on it.  Even if your not a Batman fan, this is one of those action movies that is definitely worth watching.  My favourite thing about these types of movies is the way they end.  It leaves you excited and upbeat on the climax with possibilities, as opposed to a somber finale and exit.


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