What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Picture Courtesy of Lionsgate Films

Picture Courtesy of Lionsgate Films


What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a comedy based on the book of the same title.  The film stars a large group of well known actors and actresses, whose stories all relate and combine.  The film doesn’t necessarily give advice or tips or what to do or how to do things.  Instead it follows couples going through different situations when pregnant.  There are the adopting parents, the rough pregnancy, the easy pregnancy and even miscarriage.  With so many couples to follow they have to make it easier to understand by relating their stories and lives.  Some connections were more subtle than others.  One was completely unknown until the end of the film, and even then was irrelevant.  The idea of the film is more to follow the different situations and how the people react and cope.  There is even a dude group for the husbands where they can be free with the other guys but still learn to be good dads. 

There were a lot of really great actors and actresses in this film.  I absolutely love Jennifer Lopez in comedy films.  Everyone’s new favourite go to girl for comedy movies – Rebel Wilson also joins the cast.  She is very type casted and has to portray the same kind of girl (the bigger girl who is completely comfortable with her body and acts strangely to make people laugh).  Although I enjoy her sometimes, I am starting to feel like she is a forced laugh in movies. 

This is not one of those profound movies where you expect to leave enlightened.  You go into it hoping to get a couple good laughs and kill some time.  It was not an amazing movie, but it wasn’t horrible either.  I much prefer this type of movie over the forced laughing and grotesque man factor of such films as Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, both of which were complete fails for me.  If Bridesmaids and Pitch perfect are your type of movie then you probably won’t like this one, and we probably should not be friends.  Looking for a couple laughs with some grown up comedy about pregnant woman and daddies then this one is for you.


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