Wreck-It Ralph

Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures


Wreck It Ralph is a Disney creation based on some classic and newer video game characters.  I’ll be honest, as much as I like video games and have played, there were a lot of characters I wasn’t familiar with.  The movie is set in a video arcade, and has a really interesting concept.  The idea reminds me of Toy Story in the sense that when the arcade is closed, the characters “come to life” just as the toys resume their animated selves when people are not around.  The characters that you see on the screen are real and live out their programmed scenes, but once the arcade is closed they are off duty.  They travel off screen and ride on shuttles.  These shuttles take them down out of their games through the power cords and into the power bars.  The way they have done this and created these scenes its pretty genius if you pay attention to the details, and this is one of those movies that must be appreciated for the details!  One such thing is in Ralph’s game, some of the added objects or scenes become very pixelated and the characters movements are blocky and odd to reflect the old graphic style of the game. There are so many small things that can be easily missed.  I imagine if I were to watch the film again I would catch some of these things.  That is one of the things about Disney.  When you watch the movies as a kid you enjoy them, but when you watch them as an adult, you still enjoy it, but notice so many different things and are able to appreciate it on a different level.  Getting back to the movie, some basics when it comes to the arcade life and rules.  You must return to your game when the arcade opens.  If you die within your game, you are reanimated, but if you die outside your game you die for good!  There is a common area where characters can interact, as well as characters can go into other games.  However, when one character goes and plays within the other characters arcade system it is called game jumping.  This is a general rule not to be broken, but as we see it happens.  Lastly, when a character game jumps, and tries to take over another characters game, this is called “Going Turbo.”  This term is used quite a few times in the movie before they actually go into detail and explain what it is and why it is called that.  The characters do their best to keep up appearances, because if any gamers notice any glitches or abnormalities, their game could be put out of order, or worse, unplugged.  When the game is unplugged all the characters die. 

Our main character is Ralph, Wreck It Ralph.  However, his game is actually called Fix It Felix Jr.  Felix is a man who inherited a magical hammer from his father.  When he taps something with his hammer it is magically fixed.  The game consists of a single building full of people.  Ralph climbs the building and wrecks the windows, in which case Felix must climb up and fix the windows.  When he gets to the top, Felix and the residence throw Ralph off the building.  Ralph is tired of being the bad guy and is lonely living alone in his dump, while the residence live together in their building.  In an attempt to show the people in his game that he can be good and earn a medal, because only good guys get medals, Ralph sets off.  He abandons his game and game jumps to a game called Hero’s Duty to earn a medal.  Felix must find Ralph and bring him back or else their game will be unplugged.  Other game characters get involved in the search in fear that Ralph will go Turbo, as well as Ralph accidently brings a insect virus from Hero’s Duty into another game called Sugar Rush.  The film focuses on the game land of Sugar Rush, and a glitch character named Vanellope.  It is a racing game in a land full of Candy.  Everything down to the characters, the vehicles and peoples costumes are made from Candy.  The graphics are wonderful and it is amazing to look at everything.  The game has added bonuses like going to the Vehicle Bakery and baking your car.  Vanellope is a glitch and King Candy refuses to let her race in fear of gamers noticing and having the game shut down.  Things are not so sweet in candy land though.

I absolutely loved the characters in this movie as well as the graphics.  The ideas and details that went into the film are amazing.  There is an app available in which you can play the game Fix It Felix Jr, Hero’s Duty (which does not look as cool as the movie version) and a old racing game.  The game Sugar Rush is an amazing game and should be made, which I could see some possibility.  I did discover there is an online computer version of the game based on the movie.  The controls are difficult being on a computer and you have  limited access to characters until you unlock more.  It is a great start but I would prefer if it were either a full app for just Sugar Rush or added to some of the gaming systems for better controls and graphics.  It has great graphic possibilities and characters.  It resembles the mario kart racing games as you can pick up special items in mystery boxes to use against opponents or to better your game.  There is already talk of a Wreck It Ralph 2 and I greatly welcome that endeavour.  I highly recommend this movie for young and old.  The kids love it, and adults enjoy its retro gaming references and cameo appearances.  




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