Diary of a Submissive

Diary of a Submissive

Diary of a Submissive  by  Sophie Morgan


From the back of the novel:

” Sophie Morgan is an independent woman in her thirties with a successful journalism career.  An intelligent, witty, and sarcastic twenty-first-century woman, she could be the girl in the cubicle next door — except that Sophie is a submissive; in the bedroom, she likes to relinquish her power and personal freedom to a dominant man for their mutual pleasure.

In the wake of Fifty Shades of Grey, here is a memoir that offers the real story of what it means to be a submissive and follows Sophie’s story as she progresses from her early erotic experiences through to experimenting with her newfound awakened sexuality.  From the endorphin rush of her first spanking right through to being collared, she explains in frank and explicit fashion the road she travels as she reconciles her sexual needs with the rest of her life.  But it isn’t until she meets James that her boundaries are really pushed.  As her relationship with him travels into darker and darker places, the questions become: Where will it end? Can she reconcile her sexuality with the rest of her life, and is it possible for the perfect man also to be perfectly cruel?

Racy, controversial, but always warm, fun, and astoundingly honest, this is a fascinating and thought-provoking look at a seemingly paradoxical side to human nature and sexuality that no man or woman will be able to put down.”


Every man that isn’t gay of course.  Diary of a Submissive is a true tale, but before you start googling Sophie Morgan to see what this sex fiend looks like, it is a pseudonym.

After reading this book, the fact that I got it for $5 during boxing day doesn’t seem like a good excuse anymore.  By the way, I did not get the same description I provided to you above, mine was shorter and simply made reference to Fifty Shades of Grey.  There are many similarities between the two however, Fifty Shades had a fun story, this one did not.  This is a true retelling of a girls life and her filthy filthy sex.  I have nothing against experiencing your sexuality freely with other people.  The thing I disliked about Fifty Shades of Grey was the sex, I wanted the story.  Diary of a Submissive is all sex.  I’m sure my thoughts would be different if this was a gay erotic novel, as there is something about a woman’s pooling wetness between her legs and references to her slit that seems to mortify me.

This was a bit of a difficult read for me for those reasons.  I was hoping that as the story progressed we would get more of a story, and we kind of do with the introduction of James.  Unfortunately it wasn’t enough for me.  Sophie is a stubborn independent woman, who brings comedy throughout the story while exploring her sexuality.

p. 38  “…it was my first taste of playing with someone who was a dominant foil to my submissiveness, who didn’t judge me for what turned me on and who let me see fully the depths of what did the same for him.”

I would say when exploring such sexual things this quote is absolutely key and stood out while reading.

p. 187 ” We finished up, and I finally managed to nab a waiter and pay a bill before James could, which left me feeling triumphant, although also amused that he thought it was such an unusual thing.  He tried, unsuccessfully, to flag back the waiter, who clearly had no time for such nonsense, then ran a hand through his hair.”

Is that you Christian?  Is this something guys do and I just never noticed before?

Before I wrap up I would like to finish with this quote from the book which is so true and should be acknowledged.

p. 208 “Every woman [or man], no matter how perfect, has parts of her body she’s unhappy with, and trust me when I say I have a fair number of imperfections.  Generally, however, I try not to worry…and am fairly optimistic that in the throes of passion most blokes are concerned about many, many things but not with whether your stomach’s looking a bit flabby.”

Props to the authoring for giving such a candid retelling of her sexual awakening and experiences.  I could not imagine what would have happened if she had her real name on the cover though.  I guess that secret is safe with her publishing company and her doms.  Although it is interesting to try new things when it comes to reading, I don’t think I will be dabbling in this genre again.  If anything it will be of the homosexual origin, but I can’t imagine that would be too enthralling.

For those of you who have read Fifty Shades of Grey and enjoyed the sex parts and wanted more, then you probably should have read this instead.  For everyone else, BEWARE.  If your gay, run for the hills, if your a straight man buy your wife this as a gift.  This book is best suited for woman to help them spark some ideas for exploring their sexuality, and for those happy husbands on the receiving (or in this case the dominating/giving) end of things.


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