Picture Courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer &
Columbia Pictures


I was never a huge fan of the Bond series.  I knew that the movies were around and the actor who played Bond would constantly change, but I never took the time to watch any of the movies.  It wasn’t until Casino Royale that it started to catch my attention.  Despite the fact that the movie was over 2 hours long, I could watch it over and over.  Unfortunately, I only gave Quantum of Solace one chance and it didn’t hold my attention.  Perhaps I should give it another shot.

Skyfall is the third film starring Daniel Craig as Bond.  Judi Dench reprises her role as M as well.  I’m sure there are quite a few more interesting things that I could be missing, that you Bond fans are just foaming at the mouth about.  I did notice that a classic Bond car does make a reappearance towards the end of the film.

The action in the film is awesome and to be expected.  There are also a lot of great visuals especially when Bond is in Shanghai and Macau.  It’s hard to believe such beautiful things exists in some cultures as an everyday occurrence.

I imagine there could have been scenes and extras cut from the film to make it shorter, however long this film was, it was not one of those films that dragged for me.

Although it was not spectacular and did not seem to wow me as much as Casino Royale, it was still a great Bond movie.  If your into action movies with good stories, then I imagine you have already seen all the Bond movies including this one.  If not you need to get on it and stop wasting your time with these new action movies that rely on vintage actors for appeal.  I’m not sure where they plan on going with the Bond series, but I welcome many more to come.


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