Red Dawn

Picture Courtesy of Film District

Picture Courtesy of FilmDistrict

Red Dawn is a remake of a 1984 film with the same name, just with different enemies.  In the original film the invaders were the Soviet Union, Cuba and Nicaragua.  In the remake the invaders are North Korea with the help of Russia.

The film stars Chris Hemsworth who plays Jed as a marine on a leave.  He goes home to Spokane, Washington to be with his father and brother.  One morning while sleeping their house begins to shake.  Outside they see hundreds of planes flying overhead with men parachuting down upon them.  They make a dramatic escape out of town with a few friends and other people from the city.  Josh Hutcherson makes an appearance in the crowd, more so known as Peta from The Hunger Games.  North Korea has taken control of many of the states throughout the country.  The group, led Jed, create a rebel alliance known as the Wolverines and try to cause trouble for the North Koreans.  For a group of teenagers who probably have never handled a gun (aside from Jed’s marine background) they cause some pretty decent chaos.  Of course, thats what movies are for, cool scenes with impossibilities.  That is why we watch them.

The film was pretty cool actually.  There were many times when watching the movie that stop and make you wonder how you would have reacted in such situations. Especially during the part of the invasion, and throughout the film, it made me realize that if anything like this were to actually happen how completely unprepared I would be to hide, fight, and survive.  Apparently I am the first to go.

I thought it was interesting how they could openly make this movie targeting North Korea as the obvious enemy to the United States of America.  It was an interesting concept for a movie and I was interested in seeing it.  Although I’m not usually into the action movies, I would recommend seeing this movie.


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