The Girl with Glass Feet

The Girl with Glass Feet by Ali Shaw



” Strange things are happening on the remote and snowbound archipelago of St.Hauda’s Land.  Magical winged creatures flit around the icy bogland, albino animals hide themselves in the snow-glazed woods, and Ida Maclaird is slowly turning into glass.  Ida is an outsider in these parts who has only visited the islands once before.  Yet during that one fateful visit the glass transformation began to take hold, and now she has returned in search of a cure. ” 1

The description for the book seems to offer quite a bit of intrigue and some magical elements to it.  It does not mention Midas Crook, despite the fact that he is our main character aside from Ida.  Ida is the main focus of the story as she is “The Girl with Glass Feet,” however, her story is placed into Midas’ life as their stories combine.  Midas is a very quiet introverted person.  Photography and cameras is his life.  He has been this way since he was a small boy and it has consumed his life, even effecting the way he views life and reacts with those around him.  Ida seems fragile due to her condition, but she is just the breathe of life that Midas needs to get out of the black and white pictures he has been living in, and into the world around him. 

There are many magical elements within the story, and yet they seem to take the back burner.  I am all about fantasy and want them front and center.  Strange winged creatures absolutely unheard of before appear, however they are more of a conversation piece.  The story also revolves around these albino animals.  There is even mention of a mythical creature whose sight turns these objects white.  Although there are possible sightings and mentioning’s about this beast, it is put into the background of the story.  Possibly to add whimsy and to get your mind thinking of all the possibilities and how it will fit into the story.  Perhaps it will be the answer to everything?  The real story is to focus on the relationships formed, that should have been formed, that will never be formed, and those that should not have been formed.  The story goes from past to present throughout the book as it enters flashbacks from Midas’ memories of his parents, as well as Ida’s memories as a child. 

The story deals with a lot of conflicting emotions when it comes to these relationship connections.  Ida is just what Midas needs, but with her condition it makes things very complicated.  New discoveries are made for the reader about each characters present and past, and yet there are times when something is mentioned for the reader, but the characters will never know about them.  I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but it kind of seems like if your going to bring it up, you might as well do something about it.  You can’t just bring it up and then expect us to forget about them.  There were just a couple things here and there that I did not think were right.  I do not want to go into much detail so I don’t spoil anything for those who would read this.  However, despite the promise of magical creatures and a strange affliction that could turn you to glass, this story holds little magic.  Maybe I am just a fan of the fantastical and happily ever afters, but I would not recommend this book.


1 Book Summary from back of book.


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