The Cell

Picture Courtesy of New Line Cinema

Picture Courtesy of New Line Cinema


I’ve heard about this movie before and have wanted to watch it but it seems to have taken me longer than expected.  I recall a scene or two from the film, but I don’t know if I have seen clips of it before or what.

The movie stars Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn.  Lopez plays a child psychologist with an experimental treatment for coma patients.  She works at a company that uses a room and a system to go inside the minds of others.  Through this process they hope to bring the patients back into consciousness.  The visuals used to create this room and process are pretty futuristic and cool for its time.  There is a strong artistic element throughout the film taken from many famous artists and influences.

Vaughn plays an investigator who is trying to catch a serial killer.  Through some evidence and investigation they are able to locate the man, however he suffers from a rare condition and he has gone into a coma.  His latest victim is held captive in a self controlled room and they only have a short amount of time to save her.  They bring the killer to the treatment facility where Lopez works.  Lopez makes attempts to connect with the killer in his mind to try and get the location of his victim.  She begins to struggle with what is reality and Vaughn is forced to enter into the killers mind as well.

The film is a psychological thriller and had some really awesome ideas.  With the concept of entering someone’s mind, their dreams, and their nightmares they had limitless room for storylines and visuals.  They took advantage of this, but there are quite a few strange things to be seen in this movie.  I love Jennifer Lopez as an actor and am always happy to see her.  Vince Vaughn on the other hand, kind of ruined the movie for me.  He is a strange person to begin with but it doesn’t matter what movie he is in, he is the same type of character.  He is a very fast talker, and the only thing that seems to have changed over time is his weight and is aging. 

The film is cool for a futuristic psychological thriller.  I do think it would have been better had Vaughn’s character been played by someone else.  It does have some disturbing scenes, but if your into crime thriller shows, this movie would be great for you.  It was not the greatest movie and some of the artistic elements were a bit strange for me.  Unfortunately, this is one of those movies you watch once and file it away.



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