Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures


Ted is a comedy about a young boy who wishes that his teddy bear was real, and the bear comes to life.  John, a lonely boy has trouble making friends, so when we receives Teddy (Ted) on Christmas he is ecstatic.  When in bed he makes a wish as a shooting star falls across the sky.  In the morning he awakes to find Ted very much alive.  Ted is an instant celebrity and the news spreads across the globe.  The film jumps ahead 27 years to 2012 where John (played by Mark Wahlberg) and Ted are still best of friends.  The two are shown watching TV on the couch while using a bong.  John’s girlfriend Lori (played by Mila Kunis) knows the bond that they share, but believes it’s time for Ted to find his own life and for John to grow up.

The film was created by Seth MacFarlane and includes cast members from the Family Guy series.  MacFarlane does the voice for Ted which you may recognize as that of Peter Griffin.  Alex Borstein plays the minor role as John’s mother at the beginning of the film, who you may know as Lois.  Mila Kunis is of course the voice for Meg Griffin.  Patrick Warburton (the voice of Joe) plays John’s co-worker.  There are a couple more who appear in the film, but these are the main characters.  I guess why not use what you already have?  It’s always interesting seeing the face to the voice of cartoon characters.  As the film is created by the makers of Family Guy it is no surprise that much of the humour is the same.  I’ll admit that I was not on board for Ted, but I suppose that it only makes sense if I enjoy Family Guy. 

As mentioned before, the film focuses on the relationship between John and Ted, and John’s inability to grow up.   I’m sure many of you have already summarized and imagined the plot in your head based on this.  For an added twist we are going to add some villains to the mix.  Giovanni Ribisi plays Donny, a young boy who sees Ted on TV and wishes that he could have him.  This turns into an obsession that he passes down to his own son, while acquiring some unfortunate traits from his own father. 

Ted had a good amount of comedy to the film thanks to the Family Guy style.  I’ll admit that I had my doubts about the film, and that I enjoyed this side of things.  I think the fact that the main character is a teddy bear, that creates the appeal and humour.  The film was better than I was expecting as my hopes for this one weren’t overly high.  If you enjoy family guy I would say it is worth checking out.  It’s not a film I would rave about, and its definitely one of those movies you only watch once.


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