Any Day Now

Picture Courtesy of Music Box Films

Picture Courtesy of Music Box Films

Based on a true story, the film follows two men who fight for their rights as gay men in the 70’s as well as for the well being of a handicap boy.  The film stars Alan Cummings who plays Rudy Donatello, a gay man who works as a drag performer.  During one of his performances he catches the eye of lawyer Paul Fleiger, played by Garret Dillahunt.  Paul is a divorced man who portrays the double life of being straight for job security and embracing who he really is.  Rudy is rather flamboyant, but isn’t afraid to say whats on his mind which Paul admires.  When Rudy’s drug addict neighbour gets put in jail leaving her son Marco, a young boy with Down Syndrome, all alone,  Rudy decides that he is going to take care of Marco.  Marco is an adorable boy and I absolutely loved him in this movie.  All of his actions and the things he said brought so much love and enjoyment to the film.

The film does not have an extensive plot when you think about it.  Rudy and Paul have known each other a day or two before they move in together and start their legal battle to keep Marco.  The film shows some of Marco’s development while living with Paul and Rudy.  The majority of the film focuses on their legal battle to keep Marco and how being gay can effect your job, your life and how people view you and your actions.  An act of kindness is seen as a cover for some ulterior motives.

The film is not a very popular one, not showing up in many theatres or hitting any top charts.  It is one of those movies that can be easily overlooked.  A diamond in the rough.  Being gay in today’s society can be difficult as it is, but being gay in the 70’s and 80’s and wanting to adopt a special needs child is unthinkable.

A great film that makes you reflect on the actions of people and the repercussions of their ignorance.  You may have difficulty finding this film, but I know that it is for sure on iTunes.



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