Movies NOT To See: May 2013 Edition

Aftershock (May 10/13)

This is one of those movies like Final Destination.  Very gory and tons of people die in some sick ways.  Note worth the theatre, maybe in the future.

Erased (May 17/13)

I feel like this movie could have potential because it reminds me of the Bourne movies, but then I realize its so similar I don’t need to watch it.

The English Teacher (May 17/13)

I like Julianne Moore, and I would consider giving this one a shot, but only as a Netflix kind of movie.

Black Rock (May 17/13)

I was surprised to see Kate Bosworth. I don’t remember her from anything but Blue Crush, and I liked that movie.  Unfortunately, I won’t like this movie.

Before Midnight (May 24/13)

I never saw the first movie, it looked pretty boring, so I’m not about to watch the second.

Maniac (June 21/13)

Elijah Wood definitely looks like a creeper.  Unfortunately, its not too far off from his usual look.  A gory, creepy, horror/thriller.  These creep me out, so I’m putting it on NOT to see, but I imagine many of you will want to.  I don’t think it will be any good though.

The Heat (June 28/13)

I love Sandra Bullock, and I could see myself having some laughs during this movie, but its not doing much for me right now.

Grown Ups 2 (July 3/13)

Didn’t even watch the preview, I am that good.

Pacific Rim (July 12/13)

Alien robots that come out from the ocean.  Good graphics but not for me.

Red 2 (July 19/13)

I hadn’t seen the first one, so I guess I should at least give it a chance.  Maybe I will when they are both on Netflix.

The Conjuring (July 19/13)

The reason I do NOT want to see this is I am annoyed at this whole based on a true story thing.  I used to love it, but now it has become so hard to tell what it real.  There are so many things in this movie that I think the only true part is the fact that they went to a house with people who thought they might be haunted THATS IT. Sigh…

The To Do List (Aug 16/13)

Rachel Bilson!? Really?  Haven’t seen her in awhile.  There looks to be a couple laughs in this movie, but overall meh.

The World’s End (Aug 23/13)

A lame drinking movie.  The poster teases you thinking it will be something magical and fun.  What a waste.

Riddick (Sept 6/13)

I vaguely remember seeing the first one, and I completely missed the second.  For that reason I’m not really hyped about this and the previews out right now are too short to make me want to watch these just yet.

Runner Runner (Sept 27/13)

Ben Affleck aaannnddd Justin Timberlake?  For me!!?? Just kidding.  No thanks!

The Delivery Man (October 4/13)

This isn’t a new idea for a film, I have seen others just like it, and the fact that you have Vince Vaughn trying to sell it to me just broke the deal.



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