Safe Haven

Picture Courtesy of Relativity Media

Picture Courtesy of Relativity Media


Nicholas Sparks is best known for his romantic novels, especially The Notebook.  When I saw the preview for the movie I was interested, but never made it to the theatres.  One night Jamie decided he wanted to watch The Notebook.  A couple days later I thought it was only fitting to watch Safe Haven as well.

I have not read the novel so the storyline was completely new to me.  The film is an adaptation from Sparks’ novel, but as with most books to movies, I’m sure there are some changes.

The film follows Katie, played by Julianne Hough, running away from her past.  The film plays flashbacks to an event, but it only comes in bits and pieces allowing you to form your own assumptions until the full story is revealed.  Katie goes to Southport, North Carolina and tries to start a quiet life for herself.  A small shop owner named Alex, played by the handsome Josh Duhamel, catches her eye and Alex has his eyes set on Katie as well.  Alex is widowed and has two children, a son and daughter.  His son struggles with the loss of his mother as Alex pursues Katie.  When Katie’s past catches up to her, Alex’s feelings are put to the test.

Katie Hough is no stranger to the spotlight, but she seemed kind of awkward like a new comer to me.  Josh Duhamel always looks handsome even if he has odd haircuts, but seemed out of her league in this film.

I liked the story and it was a nice touch of a thriller mystery to the romantic story.  There were a couple scenes that were super cheesy, and although I normally LOVE cheese, these felt a bit lame.  It does not compare to The Notebook, but if you are a fan of Nicholas Sparks it could be worth checking out.  Definitely wait for it to show up on Netflix or borrow it from someone else.


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