Despicable Me

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures


Clearly it has taken me awhile to see this movie.  The sequel is coming out soon, and a spin off movie featuring the cute minions is already set to come out December 2014.  The film features Steve Carell as the main character of Gru, an evil villain.  When an unknown rival steals the pyramid of Giza, Gru must up his game, so he makes a plan to steal something even larger.  Upon discovery of who this rival is, Gru adopts three young girls from an orphanage to help fulfil his plans.

The film features cute little yellow guys who are Gru’s minions.  There isn’t much of a back story on them.  You just know that there are many, many of them and Gru has created them with the help of his assistant, Dr. Nefario.  Dr. Nefario is the creator of all of Gru’s weapons and helps him in his evil plans.

Animated films are a great way for actors and actresses to play a different role than they have played before.  Some don’t alter their voices at all, where others take on a whole new character.  Sometimes it is hard to recognize who is voicing that character. As I mentioned before, Steve Carell does the voice for Gru which comes through and is fairly noticeable..  Dr. Nefario, oddly enough is voiced by Russell Brand, who does a decent job.  The character of Vector is voiced by Jason Segel, who does a great job.  I didn’t even make the connection while watching the film.  Last but not least the most surprising voiceover for me was that of Gru’s mother, who was done by none other than Julie Andrews.  Not even I made that connection.

Despicable Me is a fun film for any age.  I had a couple laughs, but I will admit my attention wondered a little.  It was a good film to pass the time.  I will be interested in seeing the sequel, however, I don’t know if I will be rushing out to see it.



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