Iron Man 2

Picture Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Continuing in my journey of discovering Iron Man, and since I am so late in the game, I am able to watch the 2nd film shortly after.    The film stars Robert Downey Jr. reprising his role as Iron Man and Gwyneth Paltrow her role as Pepper Potts, along with the other various minor characters.  Oddly enough they had to replace the character of James Rhodes played originally by Terrence Howard, and now Don Cheadle.  New additions to the film include Scarlett Johansson’s character Natalie Rushman (Natasha Romanoff), and the films newest villain.  Each film has its own villain, and when one dies, another must be born.  Mickey Rourke plays the villain Ivan Vanko.  After the death of his father, Vanko creates his own form of reactor and takes revenge on Stark.

The film continues where the last film leaves off.  The world has a face behind Iron Man and Tony Stark promises to keep everyone safe.  People speculate it is only a manner of time until copy cats create their own Iron Man “weapons” and threaten the safety of everyone.  The government requests that Stark turn over the Iron Man Weapon, but Stark does not see it as a weapon.

Stark has its own expo and what seems like a mini Disney park…only for weapons.  Naturally there are added elements to thicken the plot here and there.

Overall another decent film, I’m interested in seeing the third film and expanding my Marvel studies.  The character of Nick Furry appears (Samuel L. Jackson), who I have also seen appear at the end of the Captain America movie.  The Avengers is on my list which includes all the characters from the Marvel movies I have to catch up on.

Same complaints as last film, there are a couple odd cheesy parts.  One scene in particular that bothered me is a fight scene with Scarlett Johansson.  I’m not sure if they switch between days or stunt doubles, but the tightness to her curls varies from entry to end.  Understandably this may seem a little too picky, it’s just something I noticed right away and I couldn’t help but follow it.

Iron Man 2, decent film, can they do it for a third time?


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