Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Picture Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

I can’t remember what made me decide that I wanted to see this movie.  Normally I am not into the space alien movies, but something must have caught my attention.

The film is set in the future of 2089, where two archeologists discover ancient carvings in a cave in Scotland.  The picture is the same seen across the globe over time and are thousands of years old.  They interpret this as an invitation.  They view these depictions as from their creators, or as they call them “Engineers.”  Through the funding of a very wealthy company, they join a voyage to the planet they believe holds the answers and are put into a sleep called “statis” until 2093.

They are awoken by an android named David, played by Michael Fassbender.  Although the archeologists are told they are leading the expedition, Meredith Vickers, played by Charlize Theron, clearly takes control of the ship and crew.

Upon landing they set out to explore a large dome that looks too deliberate to be anything but man made.  Inside they discover clues to what they have been searching for,  but this too leads to more questions.  Why did they create us? Who created them and what did they have planned for earth before they disappeared?

I still cannot tell you what exactly made me want to watch this movie.  Perhaps the preview put all the good parts to make it more enticing.  There is a mix of pretty well known names, along side those I have never seen before.  Usually when I see actors or actresses I don’t recognize it makes me think of small budget films.  This isn’t necessarily the case, but the mix of aliens gives it more of a sci-fi tv show feeling.

I do not recommend that you see this movie.  Im glad I waited to see it, because I was able to pause it and walk away to get something during the times my attention drifted.  Although there were some interesting ideas, concepts, and scenes, the movie was rather dull.  Even at the end of the film I was confused as to what had happened and what was going on.  Especially when it came to the constant rebirthing of different beings.  It was like a russian doll with different monsters in each one.  They left the movie open to having a second one, but I think this one is best left to the eagles.


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