The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Film)

Picture Courtesy of Screen Gems

Picture Courtesy of Screen Gems


The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones
After waiting so very long for the first movie it is finally here. Sadly we get into the routine of waiting yearly for the next installment of anything. I seen many posts on Twitter from Cassandra Clare and the previews everywhere, but I did not dive into it like I normally would. Instead I gave these a passing glance. I think part of my reasoning for this was my fear of being disappointed. The trailers for the film looked a bit odd and some of the casting could be considered questionable, depending on who you ask.
The City of Bones is the first of The Mortal Instruments (TMI) series. Like many of us we start one book and hungrily jump onto the next. When you have multiple books from a series at your disposal it is easy to close one and open the other, creating a blend and not really remembering where one ended and the other began.
After a strange symbol appears everywhere, even drawn in her sleep, Clary Fray (played by Lily Collins) follows a clue into a night club. She witnesses what she believes to be a murder, creating a spiral of events in which she discovers the world of Shadow Hunters, Demons and Downworlders. Along with her friend Simon (Robert Sheehan), Clary’s past begins to unravel, as a spell placed on her memories begins to wear off. She discovers a world that her mother has been hiding from her, but when her mother is kidnapped, it is up to Clary to find her.
Clary is helped by the shadow hunter named Jace Wayland (played by Jamie Campbell Bower). Jace is to be our heart throb of the series, the one we swoon over. Unfortunately he is not exactly someone I would swoon over. Although the cast does not light my fire, I have come to terms with it and agree that they made some good choices. A little more eye candy wouldn’t have hurt though.
There are many things in a series like this that make you wonder how they will choose to portray them. The silent brothers were not something that came to the forefront of my mind, but when they appeared in the film, I was very focused on them. I am willing to accept how they portrayed them visually, but verbally it was a little too Darth Vader for me. The next that stuck with me was the character of Magnus Bane. The actor they chose was not who I had imagined while reading the book, but I think it was a good choice and I look forward to seeing how he does in the other films. The thing that bothered me the most is they must have felt that his verbal hints at his sexuality were not enough, and put him in a pair booty shorts and heels. I understand the reasoning for it, but it was very distracting and also very depreciating to the character for me. Another negative for the film was a few points where characters had to voice things in odd places in order to clarify things for those viewers who have not read the books. Understandably necessary, but they still stood out for me. I also didn’t expect the runes to be so large. They were almost excessive in their size. I know Shadowhunters live a life full of dangers but after 10 runes your arms would be covered and it would look like one giant scar or burn.
At this point I almost feel like I am trying to grab at straws for negative points to this movie. I really think that the previews did not do justice for this film, but maybe that was a good thing. I was pleasantly surprised with so many things throughout this film. It was action packed and full of great visuals. For those of you who are fans of the series, I’m sure this is all old news for you as you would have seen this movie by now. If you have not read the books or seen the movies, I really need to ask you what rock you have been living under and why haven’t you got on that yet!?
Great, great, great movie. I can’t wait for it to come out on video so I can watch it again. It came at a good time as I am prepared to take on Clockwork Princess, which is part of the prequel series to TMI. Really people you need to get your Mundane noses out from under those rocks and into these books!



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  1. madatticbertha says:

    I laughed so hard at those shorts.

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