The Prince

The Prince by Kiera Cass


The Prince by Kiera Cass


The Prince is a Selection Novella only available through ebook.  The Prince came out after The Selection and before The Elite.  There is actually a preview of the first two chapters of The Elite at the end of The Prince.

As it is a novella it is very short, but definitely worth it.  I decided to skip it and go straight to The Elite, because I wanted to know more of what was going to happen and The Prince did not promise to give me that.  The Prince gives us a glimpse into the life of Prince Maxon.  It begins before The Selection introducing a character who loves him, that we do not see in The Selection.  Still if you were to read The Selection and The Elite and not The Prince you would not miss out on anything dire.  I enjoyed The Selection so much that to be able to hear it and see it from Maxon’s perspective was a special treat.  I was very disappointed that it did not continue.  Although I have read the book and much of the scenes have already been played out, you see it from a different perspective as well as many missed conversations.  The relationship between Maxon and his father the king becomes much clearer, as well as a few events that occur.

I love, love, loved The Selection and The Prince was the cherry on top of that cake.  As I mentioned before, I was just upset that it ended so soon.  As eager as you may be to go from The Selection to The Elite, I do suggest you take the time to read The Prince in between.


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