Movies NOT To See: October 2013 Edition


Romeo & Juliet (Oct 11/13)

I don’t think it was necessary to remake this movie yet again.  Im guessing they couldn’t think of a different storyline for a period piece for Ed Westwick.  Nothing beats the Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes version.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (Oct 11/13)

All the boys want her, but they start to die as they get in the way of her killer.  Lame.

Escape from Tomorrow (Oct 11/13)

A view of Disney land/world from the eyes of a drug addict. How rude.

CBGB (Oct 11/13)

Perhaps if I was more musically included as to know who this was about it may interest me more.  There is a pretty good cast lined up, but its not something I would really go to, and I dont imagine it would be that great anyway.

Kill Your Darlings (Oct 11/13)

Oh Harry Potter… I mean Daniel Radcliffe.  Okay not I don’t I meant Harry Potter.  An artsy film with murder story may be intriguing but I wont be rushing anywhere to see this.

All Is Lost (Oct 18/13)

Although this looks like it would be a good movie, I’m not really interested in watching almost 2 hours of someone lost at sea again.

Haunter (Oct 18/13)

Starring Abigail Breslin, an angsty young girl who lives in a house that once belonged to a murderer.  She connects with a ghost of one of the victims and tries to stop him.

Paradise (Oct 18/13)

An innocent small town girl who gets burnt in an accident.  She decides to go to Vegas and live life to the fullest.  Yawn….

Free Birds (Nov 1/13)

As much as I would like to want to see this movie for the idea behind it, I think the execution is lacking.

The Wolf of Wall Street (Nov 15/13)

It makes me sad to put this on here because I love Leonardo Di Caprio, but this isn’t really my type of movie.  There is also something really creepy about Matthew McConaughey and the fact that he looks 80.

Delivery Man (Nov 22/13)

Im not the biggest fan of Vince Vaughn.  The film is based off a man who fathered hundreds of children through a fertility clinic.  I’m pretty sure there was an actual movie made on a man this happened to.  Maybe one day I will see this.

Out of the Furnace (Nov 27/13)

Wasn’t Christian Bale just in a fighter movie?  Not my cup of tea.

Inside Llewyn Davis (Dec 6/13)

The story of a folk singer in the 60’s.  The film has Justin Timberlake which make interest some of you, but helps deter me.

American Hustle (Dec 13/13)

Although it has a good cast, I don’t think this is going to be that great.

The Nut Job (Jan 17/14)

An animated movie about squirrels who rob a nut shop.  I’m not really feeling this one.


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