Now You See Me

Picture Courtesy of Lionsgate

Picture Courtesy of Lionsgate

This is a film I was interested enough to see in theatres, but the past few months have been so busy I haven’t made it to any and have to wait until they are out on video.  The film is about a group of magicians who rob a bank.  The film boasts an awesome cast consisting of: Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg and Mark Ruffalo.

Dave Franco, James Franco’s younger brother seems like a new comer to films, but he has been in a handful of well known ones.  I was also surprised to find out that he is 28, when I thought he was closer to 18, which relieves me from feeling like a perv.  I was disappointed in the amount of scenes he appeared in, despite the fact that he played in a group and is there in much of the film.  Still they found a way to cut him out or just ignore him.  Isla Fisher has appeared in an array of different roles and I actually really like her as an actress.  The odd thing about her in this movie is that her voice seems out of place, almost as if it was voiced over instead of her actually being there.  Morgan Freeman is always a pleasure and can usually do no wrong.  I also enjoy Michael Caine no matter how large or small a role he plays.  Woody Harrelson is a likeable funny guy.  I’m not sure if that means he is a good actor or not, but I don’t have any issues with the guy.  Jesse Eisenberg I only know from the film The Social Network, in which he plays Mark Zukerburg.  I was under the impression that his acting was a portrayal of how Mark Zukerburg is in real life; however, it turns out that he just has the same acting for all characters.  The only difference in this film is an attempt at facial hair, but he still plays the ever witty, smart and speaks at the speed of light guy.  This reminds me very much of Vince Vaughn and his inability to play a different type of character.  Finally, the last one I will touch on before we get to the movie itself, Mark Ruffalo.  He reminds me very much of Eric Bana.  He is there, he is acting his heart out, but just seems out of place and falls flat for me.

Finally… the film.  The film begins by introducing us to each of the magicians and showing their skills.  They each work alone, and after a mysterious figure in a hoodie watches each of their shows, there is a tarot card left behind with a date, time and meeting place.  They each show up with a general knowledge of who each other are, but not who has given the invitation.  They enter a dirty, empty apartment where a series of actions create dry ice fog and a projection.  The projection is an elaborate plan, but from what we see we are left in the dark.  The group appear in Las Vegas where they perform a show as the name “The Four Horsemen.”  During this show, they use an audience member and rob a bank in Paris while in Vegas.  This causes them to be under investigation, where Mark Ruffalo’s character comes in, but has trouble finding any concrete evidence to pin them for the crime.  Morgan Freeman plays an old magician who now makes a living by selling DVD’s and debunking other magicians by revealing their secrets and how their tricks are done.

The film shows standard magic tricks, but also adds some cinematography to create more fantasy type magic.  This adds to the fun of the movie, more than taking anything away from it.  It offers a lot of mystery and thrill as we try to solve what is going on, who is in control and what secrets will be revealed.

The more thrilling/investigating chase scenes do extend the length of the film and aren’t as exciting as the magic scenes.  It had been long enough from the last time I had seen a trailer for the movie for me to be mostly in the dark of what is happening or what may happen.  This added to the film for me, and I was greatly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  This was a really fun movie, and I loved the magic aspect of it.  I would definitely watch this movie again, but despite my ravings I would probably only rate it a 6/10.


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