World War Z

Picture Courtesy of Skydance Productions

Picture Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Yet another film I would have been interested in seeing in theatres, but never made it to.  World War Z is a film based on the novel by Max Brooks, the same author of the Zombie Survival Guide.  The film stars Brad Pitt and the events of a global zombie outbreak.

Brad Pitt plays a former UN employee, Gerry Lane,  who chose to be with his family, rather that traveling around the world in dangerous situations.  When driving one day, traffic is at a stand still and no one seems to know why.  As police begin to surround the area, chaos irrupts.  An outbreak occurs, and as Gerry tries to process what is going on around him, he witnesses the attack, and reanimation of the body within 12 seconds.  Throughout the film there are scenes where things slow down as he watches the zombies and learns something new about them.  As he tries to escape with his family, he reconnects with the UN Deputy Secretary-general who rescues Gerry and his family and takes them to the UN fleet out in the ocean.  In order to keep his family save, Gerry must go back into the field.  He is taken to help a young doctor who is hopeful to find the origin of the outbreak as well as a cure.  After a series of chaotic events, Gerry witnesses more qualities of these zombies as the world is turned to ruin.

The film takes the different approach to the slower shuffling zombies.  These zombies reanimate anywhere between 12 seconds and 10 minutes, the time varying.  They are able to pounce in a flash and use the host body to its capacity, crawling over each other to scale walls, and using their host body as a weapon to break any barriers between them and their next victim.  The zombie is portrayed more as a virus that is in search of a healthy host body in which to spread the virus more by biting, rather than consuming brains or flesh.

Although I thought this was a really great it was fairly lengthy and you could feel it.  It’s movies like these that I am grateful I watched in the comfort of my home rather than the theatre.  I am not the type of person to leave in the middle of a movie for the bathroom or food.  I will sit bouncing in need of a bathroom and my mouth turned to sandpaper for the sake of seeing the movie from start to finish.  With movies of this length you really have to make sure that none of these ailments get to you.

Zombies are pretty big right now and I think a lot of people, zombie lovers and not, would really enjoy this movie.  It takes a different approach and it really makes you stop and think of what you would do in this type of crisis.  All I know is that no matter how many cool survival ideas I may run through my mind, I am fairly certain I would be one of the first to go.  Grab some snacks and drinks, make sure you have gone to the bathroom and curl up for this one!


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