Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures


Seeming to continue with my sci-fi destruction of earth I watched Oblivion starring Tom Cruise.  I was interested in seeing this one, but not so much in theatres I guess.

The year is 2077, an alien race has destroyed the moon and invaded earth.  Although we have won the battle, it has left earth completed inhabitable.  The people of earth are transported to a giant space station known as the “Tet” for his tetrahedral shape.  Cruise plays Jack Harper, one of the last remaining humans, and drone tech.  Jack repairs the drones who help to protect large machine that transform the earths ocean water into power.  The power is to be transported to the Tet and finally to Titan, the people of earths future home.  Jack and the drones  are under threat of the Scavs or Scavenger aliens who destroyed the earths moon.  These alien creatures try to destroy the drones as well as the machines that convert the power.  When Jack is captured by the Scavs, he must question what he knows and what he is told.   As all humans had their memories wipes for protection, images from his past clash with those that appear in front of him.

Another pretty cool alien sci-fi film.  The futuristic technology is always cool to look at and wonder at the possibility of those things actually being used in the future.  Although all the ships, fusion power machine, and the Tet are very futuristic, there are many technologies on earth that make it more realistic being only 60 years ahead.  As much as people envision flying cars, space ships and other advancements, I’m more skeptical.  Perhaps we should try working on things we have now and making them better.  Such as slow internet and poor connections.  I should have wifi globally and things should be available to me instantly.  Even that seems like something more realistic, but only for 2077.

As the film progresses you have difficulty forming the plot in your head and what is going to happen.  Things become a little strange, but in order for the film to end they have to fit together somehow.  Tom Cruise seems to fit into this role type, but he never really blows me away.  I think it is just expected of him.  As strange and interesting some of it may have been, this is one of those movies you could go without.  If you do happen to decide to watch it, then it will become one of those movies you will probably never watch again.  Thanks for the 5min of pleasure Tom.


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