Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

I remember I was willing to give this film a chance and put it on my Movies TO See List.  The fact that it went from theatres to DVD so quickly made more worry about that choice.  More than anything I’m sure the fact that Ryan Reynolds starring in the film was my main deciding factor.   We’ll blame it on the fact that there was no preview available when I first made that choice.

Ryan Reynolds plays Nick Walker, a cop who falls victim to a questionable circumstance involving his shady partner Bobby, played by Kevin Bacon.  Time has stopped around him and he ascends into the sky, through a whirling vortex and begins to fall, suddenly appearing in an all white waiting room which is actually more of an interrogation room keeping with the police theme.  Here Nick is given a choice to join the R.I.P.D. or be incarcerated forever.  Thinking this is a way to get back to his wife, he agrees to join the team.  The R.I.P.D. consists of dead cops who try to protect the living from the dead or “deados” who try to walk among us.  Nick meets his new partner Roycephus Pulsipher, played by Jeff Bridges.  When Nick tries to confront his wife at his own funeral, he finds out one of the universes practical jokes.  Back on earth you do not look or sound the same as you used to, instead you are assigned a new identity.  This is an interesting concept added to the film and adds a lot of comedy through this process.  During Nick’s first Ghost…bust… he is on a trail that involves the circumstances of his death.  Pieces of a 3,000 year old artifact are being gather that will create a device that reverses the transfer of death and flooding earth with all the deados.

This film is best described as a mix between Men in Black and Ghostbusters.  Although it passed the time and gave me a few laughs, I can see why it went from theatres to DVD so quickly.  R.I.P.D. is one of those cheesy films that appears on Netflix, the known actors/actresses names draw you in and doesn’t give you much in return.  It’s hard to say “I found an awesome movie while scrolling through Netflix.”  Perhaps I just haven’t been looking in the right spots, but more than likely you know exactly what I’m talking about.


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