Kick Ass 2

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures


Kick Ass 2 continues on with the events of Kick Ass.  Naturally if you are reading this you have already read my review for Kick Ass or have seen Kick Ass the movie and know that what I am going to talk about will be pure spoilers.

With Big Daddy gone, Hit Girl or without the mask Mindy Macready (yes they really named her that) goes to live with her dad’s old police partner and family friend, Detective Marcus Williams (Morris Chestnut).  Mindy had made a promise to her dad that she would continue to fight crime and protect the city, but Marcus can’t allow it and makes Mindy make a new promise.  She tries to live the life of a normal teenage girl, but is having trouble fitting in.  Meanwhile, Kick Ass is looking for a team and happens upon a group called Justice Forever.  The leader of the group Colonel Stars and Stripes (played by Jim Carrey) has rounded up his own heroes which include: Battle Guy, Night-Bitch, Doctor Gravity, and parent duo “Remembering Tommy”.  With crime boss Frank D’Amico dead, his son (once Red Mist) becomes super villain Mother Fucker and vows revenge on Kick Ass.   He creates his own super villain team and goes to war against Kick Ass and his team. Mother fucker played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse appears in both films and plays a large role, but I haven’t really focused on him.  There is something strange about him as an actor and probably has to do with the resemblance to Droopy the cartoon dog.  He adds a great over the top villain to the films but I’m not really sold on him just yet.

Kick Ass 2 features a heavy increase in characters, especially heroes and villains.  So many that most of them are nameless and are put in for appearances.  The film still offers its share of swearing and gore.  Chloe Grace Moretz has grown up within the time between films and plays a larger role throughout.  I am beginning to really like her as an actress and I am interested in seeing the movie Carrie, in which she stars.  If you have seen the first film you have to watch the second one, thats just the way things are.  Thankfully I am done watching both of them and can move on to bigger and better things.  I probably just jinxed myself and will be seeing Kick Ass 3 previews in no time.



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