The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Film)

Picture Courtesy of Lionsgate

Picture Courtesy of Lionsgate


The 74th Hunger Games are over and Katniss and Peta have returned to District 12.  Normally there is only one victor, but by choosing to die together Katniss and Peta set fire to the regions and the capital.  President Snow is outraged and threatens Katniss that she needs to keep the possibility of a rebellion from happening.  The Districts are all isolated from one another, yet they all have begun to fight back, they all have hope.

The 75th year of the Hunger Games is part of the Quarter Quell.  There are envelopes that hold a new rule to be added to the games.  As hope starts to diminish, Katniss and Peta no longer play by President Snow’s rules and instead act out in defiance.  There are new surprises and manipulations, and ever eye catching outfits.  I think with the Capital they are able to be as out of this world as they would like which makes it so much more visually appealing.

Even though I have read the books, I was still on the edge of my seat the entire time.  It is hard to out do the first movie in any sequel or series, but I believe that Catching Fire did just that.  I loved every minute of it, from Effie’s outrageous and amazing outfits, to the addition of new characters.  My favourite new addition is the character of Johanna Mason, played by Jena Malone.  She adds flare and comedy to the film with a familiar hollywood face.

They also allowed more freedom in the computer animation field for this film than they did for the first film.   I always wondered how they would manage to make the third book into a film.  With the introduction of more computer animation in Catching Fire, I think it will make the computer animation that is necessary for Mocking Jay more acceptable and even more inviting.   Now that they are splitting Mocking Jay into two parts I’m even more intrigued.  I am really looking forward to both the Mocking Jay films even though I know I will have to wait another two years until the last one is out.  If you have not hopped onto the Hunger Games train, I would really like to know why!  You need to read these books and you need to watch these movies!


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