Movies NOT To See: December 2013 Edition


Delivery Man (Nov 22/13)

Im not the biggest fan of Vince Vaughn.  The film is based off a man who fathered hundreds of children through a fertility clinic.  I’m pretty sure there was an actual movie made on a man this happened to.  Maybe one day I will see this.

Out of the Furnace (Nov 27/13)

Wasn’t Christian Bale just in a fighter movie?  Not my cup of tea.

Inside Llewyn Davis (Dec 6/13)

The story of a folk singer in the 60’s.  The film has Justin Timberlake which may interest some of you, but deters me.

American Hustle (Dec 13/13)

Although it has a good cast, I don’t think this is going to be that great. Okay… but not great.

Hours (Dec 13/13)

I’m not too sure about this movie, I think it just plays more off emotions.   I hate to say it but I imagine many people will go to it because it stars Paul Walker.

Her (Dec 18/13)

As much as I would love to watch a man fall in love with a disembodied computer voice, I believe I have better things to see.

Anchorman 2 (Dec 20/13)

Apparently I am lacking the testosterone and attention spam for this.

The Wolf of Wall Street (Dec 25/13)

As much as I love Leo, I’m not feeling this one.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Dec 25/13)

A magically epic adventure… and I still think it will fall flat.

August: Osage County (Dec 25/13)

You would think with a full cast of great actors and actresses that I would at least have some spark of interest to see this!….No…? still nothing….Sigh.

Justin Bieber’s Believe (Dec 25/13)

Sorry J.B.  I may consider watching this when its out on DVD, but your attempt to fix your image with this film will have to wait.

The Invisible Woman (Dec 25/13)

I’m more interested in the story behind this than I am the film.

Lone Survivor (Dec 27/13)

A group of guys taking on the Talaban.  Peoples first reason to see this, Mark Wahlberg.  If they need a second reason, everyone supports the troops.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (Jan 3/14)

I missed the previous ones and I’m not the biggest fan of scary movies.  At least we know its not a true story anymore 🙂 haha

The Nut Job (Jan 17/14)

An animated movie about squirrels who rob a nut shop.  I’m not really feeling this one.

Ride Along (Jan 17/14)

Are Kevin Hart and Chris Rock the same person? There may be a few funny parts, but not enough to make this worth while.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (Jan 17/14)

I may consider seeing this one day but I’m not really sold on it just yet.  It reminds me of the Bourne movies, which were great, but this one seems a bit lacking.

Devil’s Due (Jan 17/14)

It’s one thing to try and make scary possessed movies, but when did they start having to involve everyone gaining super human strength and bodies flying everywhere?  A lady gives birth to the anti-christ and along the way she gets a little hormonal and crazy.

The Lego Movie (Feb 7/14)

This looks like a fun quirky little movie, but it kind of lost its appeal during the preview.  I could consider watching this at home, but I couldn’t imagine seeing this in theatres, no matter how quirky.

Endless Love (Feb 14/14)

I had high hopes for Alex Pettyfer, unfortunately this one isn’t quite living up to it.

Pompeii (Feb 21/14)

I like Emily Browning, but I’m willing to pass on this epic gladiator film.

Mr.Peabody & Sherman (March 7/14)

I know enough to remember the names and what they look like, but not enough to have any nostalgic interested in this film.  Even if I did they would have ruined it by remaking it for kids these days.

Muppets Most Wanted (March 21/14)

I suppose in a way this could be fun, but its more for kids these days where they try to hard to be funny.


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