One Direction: This Is Us (Film)

Picture Courtesy of TriStar Pictures

Picture Courtesy of TriStar Pictures


Following the footsteps of other pop stars, One Direction has created their own concert/biographical 3D film.  They all seem to follow the same idea, sharing pictures and stories of when they were younger, their journey to get to where they are now.  They all have a really big upcoming concert and although the film will show many concerts around the world, they put all their 3D action and focus onto one concert in particular.

I actually don’t mind these films.  They are a lot of fun, you get to hear the music very loud but in perfect quality instead of the garbled noise you would get at a concert.  You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for bad seats, in a theatre you generally have decent seats, and if you chose the front row (although that being your own fault) it is only $13.

I knew the general jist of their background story, something about the show X-Factor and they have had a few songs before.  I had the song “What Makes You Beautiful” but that summed up my One Direction library.  When their song “Story of My Life” came out, I started to take more notice of the band.  I would have gone to the film for fun when it came out, but try finding someone else to go with you.

The film was longer than I expected sitting at the 1 hour and 46 minute mark.  This must be due to the fact that it was the DVD release as the theatre listing shows 1 hour and 10 minutes, but this could be an error.  If this is correct then the DVD release included an extra 30minutes of deleted scenes.  I found the most entertaining scenes to be the back story, their lives growing up, and the band more off stage than on.  I wasn’t as familiar with their other songs so perhaps that played in my loss of interest.  They also did not have any crazy or eye grabbing stage sets other than the boys themselves.

Once the film was over I did expand my One Direction music library just a little bit with the songs I recognized.  I was not blown away by the film, but I did enjoy getting to know the band more and I notice their talent more that I have heard more of their music.  They are a group of young crazy guys who like to joke around and make music and I’ll admit it, I’m a fan.  Team Liam and Zayn.


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