White House Down

Picture Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Columbia Pictures


One of two movies that came out in 2013 involving the destruction of the White House.  I may have to watch both and compare the two.  The other is called Olympus Has Fallen.  Notably it has Morgan Freeman who trumps Jamie Fox, but White House Down has Channing Tatum who trumps all.

Tatum plays John Cale, a U.S. Capital Police Officer.  His daughter Emily, played by Joey King lives with ex-wife Melanie played by Rachelle Levefre.  Emily is obsessed with politics and the present.  John surprises her with two tickets to tour the White House, while he goes for an interview for Secret Services.  He is interviewed by Carol Finnerty (Maggie Gyllenhaal) who unfortunately is an old college flame.  She allows his past to aid in her decision and he doesn’t get the job and then must play it off like they are still deciding for Emily.  While touring the White House, a series of well trained men invade the White House and put it in lock down, killing many and taking hostages.  The threat increases from inside and out as it threatens to spread and become World War III.

White House Down is full of action and thrills.  They try to add a little comedy in a few odd places between Tatum and Fox but they are small enough to not create any waves.  There were a few scenes where the dialogue could have been a lot better, but the overall plot of the film makes up for it.  It is a longer film sitting at 2 hours and 17min so make sure to get comfortable.  Despite this, the film turned out to be really good.  It creates a good action film with thrills and some surprises along the way.  If your into action films you should check this one out.  As for which 2013 White House film is the best we will have to wait and see!


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