We’re the Millers

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros

Picture Courtesy of Warner Bros


It’s always difficult to decide whether or not a comedy is going to be worth checking out in theatres or not.  The advertisements don’t help because they all state they are the number one movie in Canada.  The trailer is your only source of reference and many times they pack all the entertaining parts into the trailer to entice you to pay for the movie, only to be left with nothing else to watch.

We’re the Millers is about a drug dealer named David, played by Jason Sudeikis, who gets into some trouble and has to take a job as a drug smuggler to save himself.  In order to pass the Mexican boarder and back safely he has devised a plan to create the “wholesome” family image.  He enlists those around him that could use the money which makes his pitch easier.  Jennifer Anniston plays a stripper named Rose that lives in the same building as David.  Will Poulter plays 18 year old Kenny who also lives in the building with his mother who has recently abandoned him.  Last to join the team is a runaway thief named Casey played by Emma Roberts.  Kenny is innocent and clueless but the others go from rough to polished to create the “perfect family” image.

The dysfunctional group set out to Mexico in a large RV and the chaos ensues.  There is lots of language not suitable for children, but the fact that the film is about drug smuggling would make me question why you would have your children watching it in the first place.  I’m not sure what the rating in theatres was but the DVD version that I watched did have brief nudity.

There were lots of funny parts and I always have a fascination with “makeovers” so it was fun to watch their minor transformations.  The storyline is pretty typical so they throw in quite a bit of random scenes and bits to throw you off.  It does end in the way you expect it to, despite the awkward journey to get there.  We’re the Millers was a good waste of time, but it is definitely one of those movies you will only watch once, if that.  This movie is not for everyone.


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