Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead


Last Sacrifice: A Vampire Academy Novel by Richelle Mead

It all comes down to now. Murder. Love. Jealousy. And the ultimate sacrifice. The Queen is dead and the Moroi world will never be the same. Now, with Rose awaiting wrongful execution and Lissa in a deadly struggle for the royal throne, the girls find themselves forced to rely upon enemies and to question those they thought they could trust… But what if true freedom means sacrificing the most important thing of all? Each other.

The finale of the Vampire Academy series has finally been put to rest. It seems like a long time has been dedicated to this series. I could not imagine what it would have been like to read the novels while they were coming out and having to wait a year or longer for each instalment. In total there are 6 books. That is 6 years of waiting.

The other series that includes many of huge characters from the Vampire Academy novels is called Bloodlines. This series will not be completed until 2015 with the second last novel not coming out until July of this year. As much as I would like to jump into that series, I think it is time to take a break from the vampire world and explore some other series. This will make the time in between the Bloodlines series less annoying.

Rose’s world has been completely turned upside down. She is always eager to jump into any situation without thinking. If any of her friends or loved ones needed help she would be there. However, in Last Sacrifice, it’s Rose that needs the help from those around her.

Last Sacrifice is one of those novels where the description above, in my opinion, gives more information than it should. Since the novels in the series were all released at the time I jumped into the next book without reading the description. In the above note it mentions the death of Queen Tatiana. I did not read this and when she did die I was shocked! There are lots of revelations in this novel and final pieces to the puzzle. Part of the fun is trying to solve the puzzle yourself before it is revealed. Sometimes it is too easy to guess but this time I had fun and was surprised at times.

I enjoyed the series over all. As it progresses it is easier to see more into the value of the story and less of the high school drama that was left behind. I am looking forward to reading the Bloodlines series eventually. There were many things that happened at the end of Last Sacrifice that I feel left me hanging. There are questions to many characters futures, certain things were left incomplete. I feel there could be more books continuing the series and it could go a few different ways. I am hoping the Bloodlines series is able to solve some of this for me.

If you are reading this then you most likely would have read the previous books. If for some reason you are reading this and have not read any of them, I would say to at least give them a chance. Do not base your opinion solely on the first or second novel. Give it some time if you can.

1. Summary courtesy of Richelle Mead’s webpage


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