Movies NOT To See: May 2014 Edition


Walk of Shame (May 2/14)

As much as The Hunger Games has brought Elizabeth Banks into our favourites, there would be a handful of laughs in this film, but not enough for the theatres.  Maybe Netflix.

God’s Pocket (May 9/14)

Although this is one of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last films, it is not something that I would ever watch and I don’t see it being that great.

Godzilla (May 16/14)

I’m not sure it was necessary for them to remake this movie again.  It seems like much of the film has Godzilla hidden.  Thankfully they at least show him, I almost thought it was going to be one of those films where all you see are glimpses of the creatures body parts.

Million Dollar Arm (May 16/14)

A baseball movie…. need I say more?

The Immigrant (May 16/14)

The magic almost got me, but then I got bored while watching the preview which does not give much hope for the film.

A Million Ways to Die in the West (May 30/14)

Despite starring Seth MacFarlane this movie seems strangely…not funny.

Night Moves (May 30/14)

Starring Dakota Fanning, and Jesse Eisenberg (in his usual character).  The preview hints at much thrill and suspense but I have a feeling it will fall flat.

Edge of Tomorrow (June 6/14)

Although I think Tom Cruise is in his element when it comes to sci-fi action films, and as much as I like Emily Blunt, I don’t think I would benefit any from sitting through this film.

Snowpiercer (June 27/14)

Wait…Is that Chris Evans?  Yes it is, in a dystopian type film where the world has gone to crap due to global warming and people survive on a perpetual motion train……The preview does not explain much other than people die….on a train.

Begin Again (July 4/14)

Starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo, this film does not interest me in the least.  Perhaps those who are more musically inclined it may do something for you.  Even the fact that it stars Adam Lavine doesn’t entice me.

The Purge: Anarchy (July 18/14)

This is the second Purge movie.  The concept is strange and pretty sick.  Once a year there is a night when there is no laws, it is full out crime and killing. It is one of those films you would watch and wonder how you would make it out alive….if you could.

As Above, So Below (Aug 15/14)

A weird horror thriller film.  I’m more interested in the film because of the Catabombs of Paris than the crazy hallucinations.


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