Picture Courtesy of Screen Gems

The film opens following a seemingly amateur news reporter named Angela played by Jennifer Carpenter. Carpenter is known for her role as Debra Morgan in Dexter. I wasn’t aware that Jamie was watching Quarantine at the time, I watched probably the first 30 minutes of the film before realizing I wasn’t watching an odd episode Dexter but that’s besides the point.

Angela and her camera man shadow a group of firefighters for an evening. When things seem quiet during the night they receive a call to an apartment building. What starts as a noise complaint turns into a serious spread of an unknown virus. When the tenants try to leave the building, they find all the exits to be blocked and all contact to the outside world disconnected. Through different methods and other tenants knowledge they begin to piece things together and try to find a way out while the virus spreads, turning the tenants into vicious creatures. All it takes is a single bite or transfer of bodily fluids.

I’m not a huge fan of horror movies because I don’t need a movie for my over active imagination to scare me. I see the fun in them, but I prefer when they end in a way that doesn’t leave me running through the house, turning on all the lights as I go with a blunt object in hand. The film creates an exaggerated situation, but one that doesn’t seem all that out there (especially if you are a fellow conspiracy theorist). The virus is given some basic information as a mutated form of rabies but not much is known behind it which gives the film more allowances to what they can make their “creatures” do. The way they end the film makes you think the second film Quarantine 2: Terminal would be completely unrelated, instead they have an all new cast and a clever way to connect the two films. That is to be revealed in my next post, stay tuned.

Despite my aversion to horror movies, Quarantine turned out to be a pretty decent movie. I wouldn’t rate it high on the scale, but when it comes to killing time on Netflix with horror movies I would definitely suggest adding this one to your list!


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