The Amityville Haunting

Picture Courtesy of The Asylum

The Amityville Haunting is a direct to video movie based on the Amityville Horror killings. More specifically the film follows a family who moves into the house where the original events occurred. The son is an “aspiring filmmaker” and has his camera on him and running all the time. From the moment the family visits the house with the realtor, things begin to happen.

I don’t normally do this, and I am surprised I got this far. We did not watch the whole movie. I try not to do reviews for things I haven’t watched or read completely but sometimes things can’t be helped. I mostly wanted to do this to help you avoid wasting your time like we did.

The killings occur and in some of the stupidest ways you just have to laugh. It may almost be worth to watch the first parts of the film just to see what I mean. But in all seriousness, don’t even waste your time on this one. If you do happen to watch it and make it to the end, please let me know so I can applaud you.


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