The Pact

Picture Courtesy of Entertainment One, IFC Midnight and ContentFilm International

Netflix is good for a few things like a large selection of movies that don’t immediately interest you so you spend hours just trying to find one to watch and endless no name horror movies. The Pact stars a small group of also no name actors and actresses.

The main character Annie comes home for her mothers funeral. Her sister Nicole, who was staying at her mothers house, has disappeared. While staying at her mothers house, strange things begin to happen and her friend Liz also disappears. With the help of an old friend she discovers a hidden past and clues to a shocking discovery.

For a Netflix horror movie it was actually pretty good. I had a good jump or two despite how much I try to avoid it. The story wasn’t quite what I was expecting but turned out to be better. They are also in the works to make a second film. If you are in the mood for a horror film while cruising on Netflix, add this to your list to help save some time and avoid the duds (see next post for The Amityville Haunting).


2 thoughts on “The Pact

  1. stephswint says:

    A friend of mine worked on the movie …but I don’t do horror flicks. I’m so glad to see you enjoyed it. I keep trying to amp myself to watch it to support him but …I’m afraid of the nightmares

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