Beloved Luna


Beloved Luna by Kanika Bankhad

Beloved Luna was listed on Goodreads as a giveaway. I was lucky enough to have Kanika Bankhad message me, offering to send a copy of the book to read whether I won it or not.

“Kiara Brown lost everything to fate and was haunted by a voice in her head for twelve years… Time passed, fetching answers to her entreaty for truth and hope began to find place in her future. But little did she know, she was nobody to decide who, or rather, what she was supposed to be! Creatures she never thought existed, truths she never believed to be true and love that wasn’t hers to conquer, stand in front of her, awaiting her response….

What happens when the enemy is revealed, when the past demands justice and when a choice has to be made between living with one Brian Warner and living as a creature less known….”

Kiara Brown is haunted by a voice in her head. The voice speaks to her on her birthday, ever since her parents were brutally murdered. No explanation was ever given and no justice was served. Who, or what, did this to her parents was never caught and this weighs heavily on Kiara’s mind for years to come.

Based on the title I was able to come to the conclusion that we would be dealing with werewolves. Although I have explored the vampire route, I haven’t delved much into the literary world of werewolves. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that we would also be dealing with witches. I don’t believe this is much of a spoiler, but I must warn you now that there are spoilers to come as I feel I must discuss some finer details throughout the novel.

One of the most difficult things for me while reading this novel was the translation. I have never agreed with dog earring or writing in novels and it pained me thoroughly to break some of my sacred rules. Only a few pages into the story I realized there were many errors in grammar and choice of words which I assume came from the translation of the novel. Some words chosen do work because of their meaning, but others could have been chosen to make the wording flow much smoother. I decided to continue on with the book, I would have to start from the beginning with a red pen. Please, hold your gasps and scornful looks, I am ashamed as it is. I thought that if the author were interested in knowing of these errors it would be better to have direct examples, rather than stating they were found throughout. That’s if my advice is even wanted. I began with the more appealing method of post-it tagging which became too excessive, so believe me I tried different methods.

I give Bankhad props from an aspiring writing such as myself, as completing any sort of writing, let alone publishing a book, is no small feat. There are many intriguing and wonderful ideas throughout the novel, but unfortunately things fell a bit flat for me. There were situations where certain events left me dumbfounded and others left me more confused than ever. The seriousness of the situation was not effectively portrayed and instead sounded more like a whimsy to pass time.

There are a few deaths in the novel, and when explained seem more excessive and pointless like a “I could not reach you so instead I began killing people to get my point across”. There are certain events that occur, that if there were to be a second novel, perhaps things will play out differently and these could be considered necessary stepping stones. I could be grabbing at straws though.

The character of Brian Warner is my least favourite character of all. Even put up against the evil cousin, Maya. Maya is the bitch from hell and goes out of her way to make Kiara’s life miserable. Some of the verbal fights between the two seem rather childish. I’m not sure if this is a result of the translation or not, but could use some improvements throughout. Brian Warner is our hunky hero who we expect to spend the rest of our lives with. Even after sacrificing our soul to protect him for the rest of his life, he flakes out completely. Such a disappointment.

Again I would like to take this time to thank Kanika Bankhad for sending me her novel. Although I did not overly enjoy the novel, continue doing what you love and I hope there is a second novel to accompany Beloved Luna.


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