Dead and Beloved by Jamie McHenry


Dead and Beloved by Jamie McHenry

Ryan Moon was supposed to star on the high school basketball team, but deadly science stole his family and friends while infecting his future. Now he’s a carrier of a dangerous virus that could trigger the apocalypse. Forced into a captive existence between a hospital and high school, Ryan is trying to graduate and pursue a normal life. That life includes Jessica Snow, a mysterious girl he met online, and a promise to take her to prom.

Ryan is craving flesh, turning more and more into the monster that everyone fears, and is determined to keep the virus from spreading. He also hasn’t forgotten his promise to Jessica. He’ll stop the apocalypse and take her to prom . . . if her dad doesn’t kill him first.1

Zombies have become very popular over the last few years. I enjoy watching Zombie movies and The Walking Dead (even though I’m not caught up, shhhh), but I am no expert or die hard fan. I have seen a few Zombie fiction novels floating around but I have only read a select few: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Dawn of the Dreadfuls and the Zombie Survival Guide.

Dead and Beloved was a book I won from a Goodreads giveaway. When I received my copy of Dead and Beloved I was surprised and excited when I saw the signed inscription in the book. This is a touch that means a lot to readers and should be something that all authors who do giveaways should consider. Note to all authors: Please sign books and send them to me. Haha. Thank you Jamie McHenry.

Ryan Moon is an outcast. He lives in a hospital where he goes through rigorous scrubbings, endless needles, a variety of medications and lives on a high protein diet. When you consider all the things already going against you being in high school, what harm is adding a dangerous incurable virus to the list? Ryan is well known for being infected by the deadly virus known as Breytazine, but still functioning as a seemingly “normal” human boy. Sure his skin falls off and he bleeds all over things at times, but he has yet to eat another human’s flesh. Ryan has helped pave the way for Zombie rights and for the world to consider Zombies differently. Despite all this, people are still afraid and many harbour strong feelings of fear and hate.

Ryans only friend is a girl named Jessica Snow, a girl he met in an online chat room. When Ryan sneaks out one night to meet Jessica, he cannot believe how beautiful she is. He is even more surprised when he discovers how interested she is in him. Ryan tries to live as normal of a life he can while the virus threatens to consume him at any moment.

I wasn’t sure how I would react to this novel going into it, but I was pleasantly surprised with the story. The realization of how much I enjoyed the book came at the end, when I read the authors note that there will be a second novel called Dead and Gone to be released later in 2014. Jamie McHenry, I will watch my mail box for it to come ; ).

Dead and Beloved is a simple light read with an intriguing and completely realistic portrayal of a future with Zombies. My only complaints against the novel are possibly the cover and a few grammatical errors/missing words, which says a lot. The book is available on Amazon and iTunes for a mere $2.99. If this seems like your type of book, I suggest you spending the few dollars and checking it out!

McHenry also has a series called The Stone Portals about faeries which could be worth checking out. More information on this series and Dead and Beloved can be found on Jamie McHenry’s webpage below.

1. Book summary courtesy of Jamie McHenry’s webpage


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