Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Neighbors is the highly anticipated comedy starring Zac Efron, Dave Franco and Seth Rogan. Rogan’s character Mac and his wife Kelly,played by Rose Byrne, are new parents adjusting to being mom and dad. When a fraternity moves into the house next door the two try to act cool and convince Teddy and Pete (Efron and Franco) the President and Vice President of the fraternity to keep things down. When Mac and Kelly betray the frats trust by calling the cops, it unleashes an all out war between the two houses.

Mac and Kelly struggle with being new parents and still wanting to have fun and party. When they are shunned by the frat house, they choose to get even by shutting down the fraternity.

Let’s all be honest. The main reason we all wanted to see the movie was because of Zac Efron and Dave Franco. As Rogan puts it in the film Efron “looks like something a gay man designed in a laboratory”. The two studs grace the film as our lead college boys looking extra toned and handsome. It doesn’t hurt that the two are also great actors. Naturally Franco is overshadowed throughout the film and seems almost as a side character. This seems to happen in most films. We want more Franco! My favourite part of the film is most definitely Franco’s Robert De Niro impression from the Meet the Parents films.

As quotes from the film exploded over the internet, before I was able to see the film, I expected there to be non-stop laughter. The humour in the film tended to be more jaw dropping than anything, and sadly there were not as many funny parts as I was hoping. The film is a typical straight guy party hardy film with an attempt at a more meaningful story line but ends up lacking.

I wouldn’t rush out to see this one like I had expected. This film is made for kicking back at home for a few laughs and some good old boy ogling. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t.


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