The Lords of Salem


Picture Courtesy of Anchor Bay Films

Produced and directed by Rob Zombie, The Lords of Salem is an independent horror film. The film stars Rob Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, along with a handful of other no name actors and actresses.

Salem is known for it’s occult past, especially for it’s witch trials. The Lords of Salem begins with a group of witches gathering in the woods. As wild fires burn they worship their lord satan while stripping down into the nude. There are flashbacks to the past throughout the film to this main group of witches. The “present day” follows Sheri Moon’s character Heidi Hawthorne as a darkness descends upon her. She fears she is losing her mind as she begins having disturbing hallucinations that are all too real.

The witch trials were a time when the fear of darkness and satan was very real to people, and this darkness would show itself in the form of witchcraft. The use of any witchcraft goes hand in hand with worshipping satan. Of course, what was constituted as witchcraft is highly questionable and random at best. Although many people assume that vast numbers of people died during the Salem witch trials; in fact the number is closer to 25 deaths. 25 people to die unjustly is a large number but you were expecting a larger number than that, admit it.

I imagined The Lords of Salem to be a scary movie full of goosebumps to haunt you. Instead the images that haunt us all are the frequent sagging nude bodies of the witches. Nudity is very prevalent in the film. Much of the film has a darkness to it. Despite there being many lights or being outside, you feel as if you are watching the film in a cave. That is until the film takes an artistic turn full of twirling drug induced images, priests jerking off bloodied penises and whatever else could be dropped in for artistic shock value.

The Lords of Salem was an endless foray into the life of someone with lots of money, time, drugs and an attempt at artistic horror. I have never seen a “college film” per say but I believe the term describes what you can expect of this film accurately. In other words, don’t waste your time.


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