Picture Courtesy of Warner Brother Pictures

Tammy is a 2014 comedy film starring Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy has become very popular since the film Bridesmaids despite being around for quite some time.

Tammy is about a woman who seems to have always had a rough life and as the film opens things seem to go from bad to worse. Her first response to any problem is always to run, but with no car and no money she has to choice but to bring her grandmother Pearl (Susan Sarandon) along.

The two decide to go to Niagra Falls, but after a series of odd events the pair don’t quite make it there. Along one of their stops they meet a father and son (Gary Cole and Mark Duplass) Pearl and Earl (the father) are immediately attracted to each other and things progress quickly between the two. The son, Bobby, seems more standoffish but it becomes apparent very quickly he has feelings for Tammy. More odd events occur, all for comedic value of course, with a few touches of heart felt moments and tough love ultimately leading to Tammy’s life turning around.

The film is 1 hour and 36 minutes long and seems to go by fairly quickly. There are a handful of good laughs throughout the film but the story itself is a bust. I would not recommend seeing this one in theatres. Save your time, money, points or tickets and wait for this one to come out on Netflix.


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