The Wolf of Wall Street


Picture Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Jordan Belfort was a stock broker who was convicted of Securities Fraud in the 1990’s. Belfort, played by Leonardo Dicaprio, is a young guy on Wall Street. Working his way up with an established firm, under the wing of an executive (Matthew McConaughey), things are looking great for Belfort and his wife. When the firm goes bankrupt after Black Monday, Belfort is forced to find a new job. What he finds is a company that sells penny stocks. With a high commission rate and his smooth talking, Belfort begins selling hundreds of shares and making over $70,000 in one month. After meeting Donnie Azoff , played by Jonah Hill, Belfort decides to approach a few of his friends and open up his own firm. With his aggressive sales tactics, he is able to teach others to sell like him, resulting in thousands of dollars of earnings and being able to expand his firm enormously. With smooth talking and the use of well known stocks names, the firm is able to sell off thousands of no name penny stocks to gullible buyers.

As Belfort’s fortune grows, so does his drug abuse and sex life. After being divorced and remarried, Belfort still lives a highly sexual life, along with all the other men in the office, with immense amounts of drugs. Once the FBI is interested in Belfort and his team, they open up Swiss bank accounts to try and hide their growing fortunes.

The Wolf of Wall Street is based on Jordan Belfort’s memoir of the same name. Belfort lived a highly successful lifestyle but also a very volatile, excessive and illegal one. Belfort is sentenced to 36 months in prison. Following this begins teaching sales seminars in New Zealand. During this scene, the real Jordan Belfort introduces Dicaprio on stage to the stage.

The film sits at a lengthy 3 hours! Although the film is highly rated it can be summed up as one long bachelor party. Drugs, sex, drugs, sex, drugs and sex with a bit of stock talk added in between. DiCaprio excels at any role that he plays and does not fail in his role as Belfort. I applaud the actors and actresses for their parts; however, the film is not worth the full 3 hours.


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