Fracture Me


Fracture Me by Tahereh Mafi

Fracture Me is the second novella in the series that follows the events of Unravel Me from the point of view of Adam. Juliette is very much an introvert and from her solitary life she lives a lot in her head. It makes it difficult to determine what she is thinking and we get to see this from an outside perspective. Adam is a strong military guy and can be equally silent, leaving us to wonder what is going on in his head.

Unravel Me has Juliette and Adam separated at a crucial point in the story and we have no idea what has become of Adam and Kenji. Fracture Me gives us a glimpse up until that point and onward as they are separated. Where as Unravel Me leaves us with quite a dramatic ending, we at least have something to go off of; but in Fractureg Me, the story ends with a bombshell for the characters.

Adam was our hero from the beginning. Our hunky hero we decided we would stand by until the bitter end. Fracture me has fractured my opinion of Adam, and as things progress, my feelings about Warner also seem to be changing.

As much as I love the series, Fracture Me is my least favourite thus far. The story is great, but it is Adam that has caused my negative reaction. I was so eager to move on and continue the story from Juliette’s perspective that I actually forgot to do the review for it and am well on my way into the amazing finale called Ignite Me.

The series has become a must read and I hope the popularity of it causes the process of it being turned into a film to be kicked into high gear!


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