Movies NOT To See: November 2014 Edition

It has been quite awhile since I posted one of these as I was focusing on other projects. It has actually been so long that my list of movies NOT to see has gone and died many months ago.

I decided it was time to do this again, as we actually had to sit and try to decide what movie to go to, then ended up NOT GOING!  Unheard of.  Which of course is due to the UNDERwhelming amount of must see movies right now.  So let us begin.


ABC’s of Death 2 (Oct 31/14)

Just in time for Halloween.  A conglomeration of directors and stories of ways to die, with elements of horror, fantasy and outrageous attempts at comedy.  This is a Netflix movie that even then I am not sure I would watch.

Open Windows (Nov 7/14)

Starring Elijah Wood playing a creepy stalker, this seems to be the only type of role that suits him, other than a hobbit.  No thank you.

Foxcatcher (Nov 14/14)

As much as we are willing to pay to watch anything that involves Channing Tatum, I’m sorry to say that this does not interest me.

Rosewater (Nov 14/14)

I think we see enough of this on tv and all over the internet.  I don’t need to pay to watch dramatizations of violence.

Penguins of Madagascar (Nov 26/14)

I recall seeing the first film but I had not bothered with the 7 other variations that came after.  Completely for young children and their families.  Also for the elderly.  The film is 40 minutes long, which seems more likely for a made for TV DVD extra than a full length film.  Sorry, but no thank you.

Wild (Dec 5/14)

Based on the best selling book.  I never cared to read the book and I wouldn’t bother watching the movie to save time from reading the book either.  Sorry Reece Witherspoon.

Exodus: Gods and Kings (Dec 12/14)

We all know the story of Moses.  The only reason to watch it is because it looks pretty cool, but I have an issue with watching things I have already seen.

Inherent Vice (Dec 12/14)

Bleh.  I could not even make it through the whole trailer.  Starring Joaquin Phoenix playing the same odd wack-a-doo character he always does.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (Dec 19/14)

I never really watched the first one so I can’t really be excited or interested in these.

Annie (Dec 19/14)

Another remake of Annie, but to mix things up we make her african american and turn Jamie Foxx into the next Dwayne Johnson.

The Interview (Dec 25/14)

When rich actors have too much time and too much money… they make movies.

Unbroken (Dec 25/14)

An inspiring movie about the life of Olympian and war hero Louis Zamperini.  Sorry Louis, I have better things to do on Christmas day than to pay to fall asleep in a theatre.

Big Eyes (Dec 25/14)

I like Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz but I don’t see myself sitting through this movie and enjoying it.

American Sniper (Dec 25/14)

War movie starring Bradley Cooper.  Next…

Amityville (Jan 2/15)

Another Amityville horror movie film, but not a remake.  Instead it is set in the “present” but has pretty much the same events.

Predestination (Jan 9/15)

Time travel assassins.  Stopping crime before it happens.  Very reminiscent of Looper and Minority Report.  Both of which I enjoyed, but why watch this one when I have already seen them?

Paddington (Jan 16/15)

I enjoy the fact that it is set in London, and the house is cute but you lost me at animated bear.  Definitely for the fun family night out.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (Feb 20/15)

My skills are so good I don’t even have to watch the preview to know this will not be worth the time or effort.

Home (March 27/15)

Animated cuteness…gone bad.



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