Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Based on the “game” board of the same name, Ouija is a horror film released for Halloween. Everyone knows that you do not mess with these games. If you do, you deserve whatever ill fortune that befalls you.

The film is about a group of kids who try to understand the death of their friend. When trying to communicate with her through a Ouija board, strange things begin to happen. The message “Hi Friend” begins to appear to each of them, but as things progress they begin to wonder if this is their friend at all.

There is only so much detail I can go into without spoiling the plot of the film. So instead of focusing on that, I will focus on everything else. For starters I am not sure how this film was chosen to become a theatre film. Ouija is a typical Netflix horror film and would have fit in perfectly. It would have been one of those that eventually you would have seen a Ouija 5.

The actors and actresses were very amateur. They did things which they were probably directed to do, regardless they just annoyed me. The negative spotlight was taken off the main characters by the extras. The extras are filler people who should not be noticeable or memorable. I’m sure it is very awkward to be grouped with people you do not know and asked to have a pretend conversation with, but I wonder if it would have helped if they actually had conversations. Many, if not all, the extras had imaginary conversations where they moved their mouths but it was blatantly obvious they were not actually carrying on a conversation.

My favourite were a couple who did not speak and instead smiled awkwardly at each other in the background for an equally awkward amount of time. It is hard to top these things, but fret not for I have the cherry to top it off. There is a scene when entering the school where a boy is standing with a friend, carrying on one of his fake conversations. We then enter the school and see a hallway filled with children having fake awkward conversations. Maybe 10-20 minutes later on a different day in the film they actually reuse the same feed of film in which we see the same boy standing on the steps in the same clothes, then cut to the same children in the same hallway in the same clothes and positions. But hey, when you are on a budget I guess there could have been worse things to cut.

The film starts very slow then they throw a mishmash of things to create their quirky plot line of creepiness. They even throw in a few things to line it up for Ouija 2 and so on until Ouija 10.

Naturally this is not a movie I would normally see in theatres, nor would I ever recommend seeing it in theatres. This movie is meant to be on Netflix and that’s where it should be viewed.


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