Midnight In Paris

Picture Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Picture Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics


I wasn’t going to do a review for this one, but then I thought of the countless others who might have the same experience.

Netflix is great for a long list of films you have never heard of.  Most nights you turn on Netflix you are looking for something mind numbing and usually don’t expect anything of much value.

Midnight In Paris stars Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams.  Wilson plays a writer named Gil Pender on a trip to Paris with his wife Inez played my McAdams.  It is clear that Inez is materialistic which is perpetuated by her annoying mother and father.  Gil normally does screenplays for hollywood films and it is assumed he does well if he is able to amble aimlessly in Paris and support his expensive wife.  While touring Paris with a pretentious friend of Inez, Gil finds himself transported back in time to where he feels he belongs.  While encountering some of the most famous writers and artists in history, he seeks their opinions on the novel he is working on.  The novel turns out to be a sad reflection on his depressing life.

Midnight In Paris is the perfect example of a car crash.  It is so horrific you just can’t look away.  To be honest this is only partially true.  After about 5 minutes of the film, Jamie and I had enough; however, neither of us turned off the movie?  Instead I surfed the internet for Christmas gifts, Jamie was off and on his ipad and resting his eyes.  By some miracle we made it to the end of the movie without missing anything.

The only saving grace of this film is Rachel McAdams.  Unfortunately, she plays the secondary character who we don’t always see and her character is also highly UNlikeable, which is a change from her usual characters.  Essentially this leaves nothing going for this film.

I give Midnight In Paris 1 sad – Run while you still have control over your body, star.


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