Dumb and Dumber To

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Dumb and Dumber To was added to my Movies TO See in October 2014 with the following description:

Can anyone really say that after seeing the first one a thousand times they aren’t even the tiniest bit interested in seeing this!?

The original film Dumb and Dumber came out in 1994 and although I never saw it in theatres, I have seen it played on tv countless times.  Most people you may know or talk to have seen this movie and liked it.  Sequels have become more recent since 1994 and I think the 20 year delay hindered more than helped Dumb and Dumber To.  And so I will try to write this review in the same amount of time I imagine the writers for the film spent… which I suspect to be about 10 minutes including the time it took for them to get high.

The film picks up 20 years later.  To explain the absence of time Lloyd has been in a mental institution which turns out to be a lengthy attempt at pranking Harry.  The two pick up right where they left off with their same appearance, just 20+ years and even lower I.Q.’s.  The film tries to bring back characters from the first film, even those just mentioned, which is really what they had going for them.  Then it ends there.  The two go on a completely random road trip to find a potential daughter and kidney match for Harry.  A sequence of horrible jokes and random events ensues.  Suddenly an hour and forty-nine minutes drags by and you wonder what the hell you just watched.

Any hype or profit made by this movie is purely because people are hoping to relive the first film and expect the same laughs and storyline.  Instead it is like entering a beautiful room only to be strapped to the chair to watch a series of tragic accidents on repeat.

Be warned.  Save your time, money and brain cells.  God knows the writers did.


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