Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Picture Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Paramount Pictures


Bad Grandpa believe it or not was on my list of movies TO see back in October of 2013 with the following caption:

Oh boy… I know I am going to regret this one! haha

Bad Grandpa stars Johnny Knoxville up to his old antics but dressed up as an elderly man.  Knoxville goes through hair and makeup and becomes Irving Zisman.  Similar to the stunts that are pulled in the Jackass movies or shows the movie shows the reactions of strangers to these antics.  Instead of flash clips or random events, Bad Grandpa tries to string the random events together with a storyline.

Irving’s wife has died and during the funeral his daughter shows up and leaves him with her kid.  She is being sent to prison and it is up to Irving to deliver the boy to his father.  The two go on a road trip over a few days and get into a lot of mischief while bonding along the way.

Although it was nice to have the storyline to tie things together I could have done without it.  There were a few scenes that were completely stupid and those that are so stupid you can’t help but laugh.

Bad Grandpa is only for fans of Jackass and when you just need to sit back and kill a few brain cells.  For those of you unfamiliar with what this entails and find yourself watching Bad Grandpa, be prepared for outrageous and likely offensive material.




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