Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Picture Courtesy of Universal Pictures


My prediction for this movie back in April 2014 was on my Movies TO see list with the following note:

This can’t be the real name of this film? Starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, Johansson gets a bag of drugs implanted in her to smuggle.  When the bag is broken and begins to seep into her body it enhances her brain function over time and gives her some pretty intense powers.  Looks pretty cool.

After watching the film the title makes more sense; as it is the name of the main character as well as it makes connection to one of the oldest ancestral, skeletons 3.2 million years old, dubbed Lucy.

As the description above says, the film follows Lucy as she is tricked into being a drug mule.  The film is partially narrated by Morgan Freeman as we follow his character. a professor giving a talk on his research of the human potential.  His research suggests that humans only use about 10% of their brains.  Periodically through the movie we are given flash screen updates on the status of Lucy and how much of her brain is being used.  At the beginning of the film she starts at 7% and as it increases so does her potential.  She is able to see, hear, feel and even control elements and those around her.

The film has a really cool concept and it was refreshing to see Johansson playing the lead instead of the typical jacked up male action heroes.  Lucy’s character shows little emotion as her brain function increases.  She learns that much of the things she believed to be human are now trivial to her.  This means that during suspenseful action packed scenes her face remains relatively dead.  Lucky for her this also increases her appeal because she looks pretty bad a$$.

Lucy is not overly long sitting at a standard one hour and twenty-nine minute mark; however there seems to be something missing.  There are lots of flash screens with images of animals and other things that take up time but are shown for impact and although I’m not suggesting there was a large amount of scenes that could have been cut, the film did drag a bit.  There were a lot of really great ideas but it just didn’t deliver that 100%.  As Lucy nears her 100% things get a bit strange but as the possibility of someone unlocking 100% potential of the human brain is unheard of I suppose anything is possible.

It was great to see Johansson in this role and the film has a lot of great points to it but be warned that it doesn’t quite reach it’s full potential or hype.  Definitely worth the watch, but be warned.


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