The Hole

Picture Courtesy of Big Air Studios

Picture Courtesy of Big Air Studios


As predicted back in October of 2012 I placed this movie on the do NOT see list with the following description:

It is like a kids movie attempting to be a horror movie.  Which in many ways reminds me of very old horror movies.  Could have potential but still looks kinda lame.

I don’t expect much from horror movies to begin with and usually don’t bother with looking at the ratings on Netflix; however, I felt obligated to do this.

The Hole is about  two brothers who move with their mother to a new house.   They find a trap door underneath a rug in the basement with about 6 locks bolting it shut.  Naturally, we try to use bolt cutters to open the locks, but thankfully this is not necessary as the keys are hidden near by and easily found.  Once the locks have been removed they find nothing but darkness.  After a few experimental drops they hear no bottom.  Together with their new neighbour they send a camera on a rope down but they still don’t see anything.  They have unknowingly opened a Hole to the darkness and it is coming for them.

The film starts out with potential especially with the introduction of a creepy bleeding dead girl.  This girl quickly turns into a glowing green girl and begins to play a larger, irrelevantly long addition to the films events.  Each person in the film sees what they fear most and as if the green goblin ghost adventure was not enough for us we experience the youngest boys fear of clowns.  A jester goes hilariously Chucky on the kid making the audience question even further what on earth they are doing watching this.  Finally we are transported to a wacky funhouse world with a distorted character.

As if my mini rant is not evident enough, I gave this film a one star rating on Netflix to aid others in their searches.  Sadly you cannot give less than this.  The Hole was made to be 3D in theatres, I can’t imagine this made it any more interesting.  The only place for this film is at the seemingly bottomless pit of darkness the film creates for itself.


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