Aunt Dimity: Vampire Hunter

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It’s that time again for my review of my book clubs book.  This month we decided to read one of the many Aunt Dimity books by Nancy Atherton.  The series includes 21+ books and each includes a recipe regarding a food mentioned within the story.

Lori Shepherd’s life in England couldn’t be more tranquil or satisfying–except for one thing: Lori’s five-year-old twins have started school and she’s having trouble coping! She worries that her precious sons will catch everything from the flu to fleas, until the twins come home one drizzly day and give her something truly terrifying to worry about.

Have Will and Rob had a close encounter with a vampire? Lori has her doubts, but when the boys describe the pale, cloaked figure with bloodstained lips they’ve seen lurking in the woods, she decides to investigate.

After consulting with the late (but not entirely departed) Aunt Dimity, and enlisting the aid of her dear friend, Kit Smith, Lori embarks on a new career as a fearless vampire hunter!

The vampire-hunting trail leads her to Leo, a charming vagabond; to a bitter old crone named Lizzie Black; and finally to Aldercot Hall, where a mysterious murder took place forty years ago. With Kit by her side and Aunt Dimity to guide her, Lori uncovers the secret that will shock everyone–including herself–and discovers the true identity of the twins’ vampire.1

When I hear the name Aunt Dimity and I think of an english countryside I picture something set in the past.  I actually had no knowledge of who Aunt Dimity was, which is why it came as such a surprise to me.  Since I have not read any of the other stories, I cannot comment to say if this is true from the beginning of the series or not.

Lori Sheppard is the mother of 5 year old twin boys, Will and Rob.  Although they are only 5 years old they have experienced a long list of rather eccentric things, and even are expert horse riders.  There are a handful of things mentioned in the book that I assume to be references to previous Aunt Dimity books.  The books can be read on their own or in sequence.  Obviously if I had read them in sequence, these mentioned events would have more meaning and I would have been able to watch the characters progress through the series.  Regardless I was still able to read the entire book without being lost by not knowing any previous events.

Lori is a bit of a worry wort when it comes to her boys, so when she hears that a Vampire has been seen watching her boys she makes it her mission to track the fiend down.  She does not necessarily believe in vampires, but the old legends and strange occurrences make her second guess her beliefs.  With the help of the handsome and saintly Kit Smith Lori Sheppard is on a mission to shed light on more than just a vampire.

The Aunt Dimity books remind me of bedtime stories, but for grown ups.  They are simple and quick and even include a tasty little recipe in the back of each book.  Because the stories are so short I don’t think they have enough time to create a lasting impression or make you eager to want to read more. I imagine there are a lot of interesting stories and you could easily burn through all 21+ but I don’t think I will be continuing with the Aunt Dimity series.

The recipe in Aunt Dimity: Vampire Hunter is for Charlotte’s Jammy Biscuits.  Biscuits with gooey red insides, suitable for any vampire hunter.


1.  Book summary courtesy of Nancy Atherton page


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